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What are bladder stones?

Bladder stones typically form when the urine becomes super saturated with crystals (usually magnesium, ammoniums, and phosphate) that clump together and form a stone. Especially in dogs, an underlining bladder infection is usually present which encourages stone...

How to prevent ear disease

Many pets are prone to ear infections. Either, due to breed (spaniels and retrievers) ear confirmation (floppy eared dogs,) or chronic diseases such as allergies and thyroid disease (other undiagnosed for months or years.) Regular use (daily or several times a week,...

Spring Flowers bring May Flowers

The summer months bring warmer weather and a host of flowers and plants that can be toxic to pets. The most dangerous summertime plants for cats and dogs during June through August include: Autumn crocus (Colchicum autumnale)Azalea/rhododendron...

It’s Summer Time aka Flea Season

Introducing: Flea Destroyer Safe, All-Natural Flea Killer for Dogs & Cats Flea Destroyer: Safe for Cats & Dogs It's just the beginning of summer and already pests are making many of our patients miserable. This powder created by Erica's Health Pet will kill...

Human Medications & Pets

Chances are your medicine cabinet contain common OTC medications like Advil, Tylenol, or Benadryl. We often reach for these drugs when we have a headache or joint pain, or our allergies are flaring up. But is it okay to give them to your dog or cat? Unless he’s under...

Do you Scoop the Poop or Do You Bend and Pretend?

Many communities and municipalities require cleaning up after your dog. While this might be obvious in parks and public spaces with posted signs telling you to clean up after your pup, it's not uncommon for neighborhood homeowners’ associations and neighborhood...

Bad Breath can Mean More than Just a Dirty Mouth

Although dental problems are the most common cause of bad breath in pets, in some instances it can also be a symptom of a serious underlying health condition. There are several different diseases that cause bad breath, including diabetes, kidney disease and liver...

Detoxification & Autosanguis

At our hospital, we employ several unique therapies designed to help a pet's immune system as well as reduce toxins (detoxification) to promote health and healing. Autosanguis Therapy is a very holistic therapy using small amounts of your pet’s own blood to assist in...

In-Hospital Periodontal Care

Just like people, pets often have problems with gum disease and plaque and tartar build-up on their teeth. In fact, by three years of age a majority of dogs and cats will have mild-to-moderate dental disease that would benefit from a comprehensive oral examination and...

The Importance of Annual/BiAnnual Exams

As you know, an annual veterinary visit is extremely important to maintain your pet's health and to detect hidden diseases in your pet. Our annual visit includes a physical examination, answering your questions, urinalysis, microscopic fecal examination, heart worm...

We proudly serve the pets of North Texas and beyond.

At Paws & Claws Animal and Hospital Holistic Pet Center, we provide a true all-natural holistic approach to pet care practicing functional medicine because your pet’s whole health deserves the very best.

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