At our hospital, we employ several unique therapies designed to help a pet’s immune system as well as reduce toxins (detoxification) to promote health and healing.

Autosanguis Therapy is a very holistic therapy using small amounts of your pet’s own blood to assist in healing. Blood therapies have been in existence since ancient times. The use of one’s own blood therapeutically has basis back in antiquity, as it was once thought that blood was the carrier of the soul, the source of all life and energy (called “Qi” in Oriental Medicine.)
Autosanguis therapy utilizes tiny amounts of your pet’s blood mixed with specific herbal/homeopathic remedies chosen based upon your pet’s medical condition. This mixture of blood and herbal medicines is then given back to your pet, both via injection (at the hospital) and orally (at home) to continue to support detoxification and healing. For pets with chronic diseases such as cancer, autosanguis herbal therapy is repeated every 1-3 months to support ongoing detoxification and support of the immune system.

Holistic detoxification is a comprehensive multi-organ, total-body cleansing, and natural detoxification program. It includes reducing toxin intake, enhancing toxin elimination, and using specific detoxification herbs and other supportive nutraceuticals to strengthen and promote optimum function of the organs. We use detoxification in several broad areas.
First, any pet (or person) can benefit from an annual or biannual detoxification to promote wellness.

Second, pets with ANY disease are treated with detoxification for removal of toxins.
This unique detoxification protocol established by Dr. Shawn is used whenever you bring in your pet for ANY illness. This special therapy utilizes IV (intravenous) or SC (under the skin) fluids to assist in removing toxins. Added to these fluids are various vitamins, minerals, herbs, and homeopathics that assist various organs and organelles in promoting healing. Additionally, specific natural medicines are given at home to assist in further healing of damaged organs and cells. We do this detoxification almost daily in our quest to help sick patients who are referred to us for care.

We have found that when pets receive detoxification they tend to heal more quickly and recover stronger from their illnesses, often within 24-48 hours, and typically WITHOUT the need for most conventional medications.

Think your pet will benefit from autosanguis or detoxification? We are happy to have Dr. Shawn evaluate your pet’s case and help your pet receive the care he/she deserves.