We are excited to welcome new and current patients here at Paws & Claws. Currently we are completing in-house appointments. Please give us a call at 972-867-8800 ext. 1 when you arrive to ensure a sanitized exam room is available. We look forward to serving you and your four-legged family member. Please note: We apologize for the inconvenience, due to quality control, we do not fulfill online pharmacy prescriptions or requests. As always, the safety of your pet is our top priority.


Complete your forms before your visit.



2145 W Park Blvd
Plano, TX 75075

We are on the North West Corner of Park & Custer (Behind the Walgreens)



Mon - Thurs: 8:00am - 5:30pm
Closed 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Fri: 8:00am - 12:00pm
Sat-Sun: Closed

Two Ways to Complete Your Forms

Below you will find some helpful forms to complete prior to your visit with us. You can complete your form online or bring these completed forms with you will help move the check-in process along more quickly.

Complete your forms online from any device.

New Client Form

Leptospirosis Consent Form

Pet Health Assessment Form

Surgical & Radiology Acknowledgement Form

Download and complete your forms before you come in.

New Client Form

Leptospirosis Consent Form

Pet Health Assessment Form

Surgical & Radiology Acknowledgement Form

Download your new client folder: Holistic Digital Booklet

Holistic Digital Booklet

Your First Visit

Congratulations!! You’ve made your mind up to pursue holistic care for your pet. For many of you, this will be your first visit to a holistic practitioner. We want your visit to be as comfortable and productive as possible. Use these guidelines so that you get the most out of your visit. Also, be sure to bring in a completed new client form to help speed up the registration process.

New Client Form

1. We would like you to bring in copies of all your medical records from your previous veterinarians.
It will waste time if we need to track down basic information such a vaccine history or recent lab tests. We prefer pertinent medical records (we don’t need your pet’s entire life history unless it’s relevant to your visit.) They can be faxed to 972-985-9216 or you may bring them in with you. We ask for no more than 10 pages. If you can, please fill out a detailed timeline of your pet’s problem as it would be very helpful. Note-Dr. Shawn will NOT review records until your appointment.

2. When booking your appointment be sure to specify the nature of your problem. 
We can usually see your pet within 24-48 hours but if your pet is having an emergency please let us know as we will make every effort to see your pet as soon as possible. If you are coming from a long distance, give yourself plenty of travel time. If you arrive late for an appointment we will see you as soon as possible, but we take appointments in the order they are scheduled and not when you arrive.

3. In most cases, we will need laboratory testing (blood, urine, feces, EKG, etc.) to assist in diagnosing your pet’s problem.
If these tests have recently been done (within the last 30 days) it is unlikely, though possible, we will repeat them. If possible, always bring a urine and fecal sample for the visit as we will usually test these specimens. The staff can instruct you in collecting the specimens when you schedule your appointment if you ask for help.

4. Bring your pet on a leash or in a carrier.
Do not bring your pet into the hospital loose. This is for your pet’s safety and for the safety of other pets. If you feel your pet will need a drink, bring a small bowl and we will be happy to fill it for you. If your pet is having acupuncture or laser therapy, you may want to bring a mat or blanket. If your pet has anything contagious (i.e. coughing or loose stools), it is best for you to leave your pet in your car until we are ready to see you.

5. Your initial consult can be quite lengthy.
An initial visit can usually run up to 30 minutes, and then you will meet with a technician to explain nutrition/supplements/medications/follow-up care. Please plan accordingly. We try to run on schedule, but remember that we are also a traditional practice and we see our own local emergency cases. If you are going to be late, please let us know so we can adjust our schedule. If you need to cancel your appointment, please give 48 hour’s notice, or there is a cancellation charge for the appointment time.

6. It is advisable that all the caretakers of the pet come to the initial visit.
This type of treatment requires a family commitment, and won’t work unless the family as a whole is supportive and understands the importance of each stage of treatment.

7. Bring a notepad to take down notes, write down questions, and to keep track of follow-up schedules.
You may also bring a mini recorder. If needed, make a list of questions before you come so nothing gets forgotten.

8. Please understand that we can only treat the pet that you have brought to us to be seen.
We are happy to answer general health questions, but if you have multiple pets with problems, they must each have a complete examination to start treatment. There will be a separate charge for each patient.

9. A holistic approach is a commitment.
We try to make it as easy as we can for you. A lot of work goes into your appointment on our end. Usually, several supplements are prescribed to help your pet begin its journey to health. We regret that due to health concerns you cannot return products once they leave our office, so please make sure you know how to administer them before you leave.

We proudly serve the pets of North Texas and beyond.

At Paws & Claws Animal and Hospital Holistic Pet Center, we provide a true all-natural holistic approach to pet care practicing functional medicine because your pet’s whole health deserves the very best.

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