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Dr. Shawn Messonnier


Dr. Shawn's Bio

Dr. Shawn Messonnier opened Paws & Claws Animal Hospital and Holistic Pet Center in 1991. His special interests include holistic and functional medicine, exotic pets, dermatology, cancer, and internal medicine. Dr. Shawn is a well-known speaker and author. In addition to serving clients, he has written for numerous veterinary and pet publications including Animal Wellness, Body + Soul, Veterinary Forum, Dog Fancy, Cat Fancy, Dog World, Fido Friendly, Whole Dog Journal, Whole Cat Journal, Whole Living, Total Health and Wellness. He is the former radio host of the award-winning Dr. Shawn The Natural Vet for Martha Stewart Living Radio.

Dr. Shawn is also the author of several books, including the award-winning The Natural Health Bible for Dogs & CatsThe Allergy Solution for DogsThe Natural Vets’ Guide to Preventing and Treating Arthritis in Dogs and CatsThe Natural Vet’s Guide to Preventing and Treating Cancer in Dogs8 Weeks to a Healthy Dog and Unexpected Miracles: Hope and Holistic Healing for Pets.

Dr. Shawn has also developed a number of unique holistic treatments, not available elsewhere, for a variety of diseases. Using a holistic and functional medicine approach, Dr. Shawn is able to help many patients who have not been properly diagnosed and treated by conventional medicine and whom have received a guarded prognosis. This unique approach allows him to offer hope even for those cases which are deemed hopeless by other doctors.


Practice Manager

Trisha's Bio

Trisha came to Paws & Claws Animal Hospital and Holistic Pet Center in November 2019 with 12 years of customer service experience. She began her career in the fashion industry, transitioned into the dental field, and eventually landed in the veterinary world. Trisha’s underlining passion is improving client experience and creating a genuine connection with her clients. Trisha knows that in today’s world, pure skill isn’t what makes one successful. Investing time in outstanding staff and excellent clients along with delivering “above and beyond experience” to accompany unparalleled skills is what one needs to be successful.

Trisha’s focus here at Paws & Claws is simple. Her goal is to introduce Dr. Shawn’s all-natural holistic, functional pet care approach to as many pet parents as possible. By making Paws & Claws more readily available to current and potential clients (via social media, etc.,) she will help improve pet care in North Texas by giving hope to patients other veterinarians deem hopeless, and educating pet parents on the importance of functional medicine from their pet’s very first vet visit. Preventative medicine is the best medicine!

Trisha is excited to partner Paw & Claws with local pet boutiques, bakeries, feed stores, adoption organizations, events, local holistic practitioners, and more! She is always excited to get our name in front of pet parents by offering rewards for referring friends and family members of current clients to our practice and providing donations to local charities of Dr. Shawn’s all-natural pet products and supplements. Shoot her an email at trishafarias@outlook.com, or give her a ring at 972-867-8800 if you are interested in partnering up with Paws & Claws, a new client looking for answers, or a current client needing assistance.


Certified Veterinary Assistant/Nurse

Daisy's Bio

Daisy grew up around animals (horses to be specific.) She has been interested in working in pet care since high school, completing classes to get a taste of the vet world. She fell in love with pet care and continued her studies post-graduation.

Towards the latter half of her studies, Daisy completed her internship at Paws & Claws Animal Hospital and Holistic Pet Center.  Although not familiar with holistic care when she started her internship, she experienced the elevated level of care animals received at this practice and knew she had to become a member of this holistic family. In addition to caring for pets, she had a newfound calling to educate pet parents about the benefits of all-natural, functional medicine.

Daisy has been a Veterinary Assistant/Nurse at Paws & Claws for 3 years and counting. Daisy has a rescue pet Chihuahua named Daisy who began seeing Dr. Shawn at age 7. She had been taken to all annual visits required by conventional veterinarian practices prior to her first visit with Dr. Shawn. Pet Daisy had low energy, so Mama Daisy brought her in to see Dr. Shawn. Thanks to Dr. Shawn’s special blood profile, he was able to conclude Pet Daisy suffered from elevated kidney levels which was successfully treated and now is stable due to Dr. Shawn’s all-natural supplements. Pet Daisy switched from routine vaccines to receiving blood titer testing, which determines if and when she needs vaccinations. This has also attributed to her improved health. Every pet is unique and does not always need the same schedule of vaccines as another, which is why titer testing is such an important part of heath care at Paws & Claws Animal Hospital and Holistic Pet Center.

Daisy’s strengths include laboratory procedures (blood drawing & test preparation) and her calming nature which puts our patients at ease (many pet parents are amazed at how comfortable their pets are during their visits at our hospital.) 


Veterinary Assistant/Client Service Representative

Sarah's Bio

Sarah was born and raised in McKinney Texas. She now resides in Plano with her two cats, Betty and Alice. Betty is a Tortoise Shell and Alice is a tripod Calico. Sarah has always loved animals and grew up with guinea pigs, cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, and other furry friends. While Sarah has primarily worked in the restaurant and customer service industries, she has always had a desire to work with animals. From volunteering at animal shelters to maintaining several pet-sitting gigs, Sarah has always made spending time with animals a priority.

Sarah is thrilled to join the team at Paws and Claws Animal Hospital and Holistic Pet Center. She is especially excited to learn more about holistic pet care, and share her knowledge with other pet parents. Sarah can’t wait to meet you and your furry friends, so be sure to say hello when you stop in!


Client Service Representative

Celeste's Bio
Celeste is a military brat born in Las Vegas but raised in San Antonio, Texas. She has dedicated many years of her life to the health field, attending a health magnet high school, and later earning a certification as an Emergency Medical Technician and a Registered Dental Assistant. She grew up with an assortment of animals from fish to dogs and birds. Her love for animals is what eventually brought her to Paws and Claws and reignited her interest in veterinary medicine. She now resides in Farmersville with her dachshund Toby.

Celeste joined the Paws and Claws family in July of 2021. It was Dr. Messonnier’s holistic-functional approach to pet care that was the ultimate deciding factor to join. Celeste is thrilled with the care her own pet has received. Toby has undergone holistic anesthesia for his periodontal cleaning & full annual exam! Throughout Toby’s 12 years of life, he has suffered from skin allergies causing him discomfort and irritation. His previous veterinarians prescribed medicated washes that either worked temporarily or further exacerbated the condition. Since using Dr. Shawn’s Soothing Herbal All-In-One shampoo, Toby no longer needs to use medicated soaps for his baths and his skin looks better than ever! Due to his age, Toby’s previous doctors were wary of sedating him for his dental cleaning; however, Dr. Shawn’s holistic sedation and anesthetic monitoring protocol are safe for animals no matter the age!

Celeste is excited to be the newest member of the Paws and Claws family! She cannot wait to meet each and every furry, feathered, or scaled friend that walks through the hospital’s doors!


Client Service Representative

Veronica's Bio

Veronica is native to the DFW area. She retired in 2007 from the corporate world and was looking for a position that was fulfilling. Her love for animals and community led her to Paws & Claws Animal Hospital and Holistic Pet Center, where she was given the opportunity to connect patients with their best health care.

Veronica has worked at Paws & Claws for almost 5 years.  Her favorite pet success story is her own. 

In 2009 Veronica brought her 4 year on Cairn Terrier, Lily, to meet with Dr. Shawn. Lily was experiencing trouble with allergies, specifically skin issues, along with hip discomfort. Dr. Shawn and his team performed a complete comprehensive exam on Lily and prescribed cold laser therapy to cure her hip issues with great success! He also prescribed Lily all-natural supplements that treated her skin issues while giving Lily a newfound energy. Veronica was happy to have Lily return to her puppy spirit she hadn’t seen in quite some time.

Lily was a patient at Paws & Claws for 9 years. Veronica attributes Dr. Shawn’s holistic treatments and all-natural supplements to Lily’s best years. Lily’s success is what eventually converted Veronica from client to receptionist and she has never been happier.

Veronica’s optimism and enthusiasm is contagious. She loves to connect new and existing pet patients to their best life. Come on in & meet Veronica and experience her warm welcome and beautiful full watt smile for yourself!

We proudly serve the pets of North Texas and beyond.

At Paws & Claws Animal and Hospital Holistic Pet Center, we provide a true all-natural holistic approach to pet care practicing functional medicine because your pet’s whole health deserves the very best.

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