Introducing: Flea Destroyer

Safe, All-Natural Flea Killer for Dogs & Cats

Flea Destroyer: Safe for Cats & Dogs

It’s just the beginning of summer and already pests are making many of our patients miserable.

This powder created by Erica’s Health Pet will kill fleas and work as a repellent. Sprinkle directly on your pet’s coat and brush in. It can also be sprinkled in your yard, bedding, couches, or across door thresholds to keep the pests out of your home!

Win the battle against fleas and ticks this summer and come pick up a bottle of Flea Destroyer today!

All-natural ingredients: food grade diatomaceous earth, organic yarrow powder, organic neem powder, organic geranium essential oil

Lavender Flea and Tick Repellent for Dogs

If your pet is not currently battling fleas, pick up our new Lavender Flea & Tick Repellant by Erica’s Healthy Pet.

This spray repels fleas, ticks, mosquitos, flies, etc. This spray will not kill fleas. It is safe for dogs and people. Shake well and apply prior to a long walk, visit to the dog park, etc. Spritzing on once daily before an outdoor trip will keep pests away.

Call us today to order and stay ahead of the pests this summer!

All-natural ingredients: distilled water, vinegar, aloe vera, blend of 6 bug fighting essential oils.