Many of you have asked about using CBD/Hemp Oil for your pets. I believe this supplement can be effective in our treatment for several medical conditions, including seizures, cancer, pain (especially from arthritis,) and aging issues of older pets.

However, there are a few points to consider before using CBD/Hemp Oil.

You get what you pay for. Good CBD/Hemp Oil is not cheap, and even expensive products may not be effective. Many of these products come from China and are contaminated with heavy metals and other toxins. Simply purchasing CBD/Hemp Oil off of the Internet or from your local health food store is dangerous and may be harmful to your pet.

It is imperative to purchase CBD/Hemp Oil from a reliable manufacturer as the level of CBD varies widely among products. Overdosing CBD/Hemp Oil can be toxic to your pet and under-dosing is ineffective.

We sell a CBD/Hemp Oil product from a reliable manufacturer from whom we have done business with for over 20 years. (Dr Shawn personally knows the owner and chief medical officer of the company.)

If you have questions about using CBD/Hemp Oil on your pets, please contact us.

If you are currently using a CBD/Hemp Oil product that you have not purchased from us, please call us for an appointment immediately so we can test your pet’s blood & urine to look for signs of kidney and liver toxicity that can occur with improperly prepared or adulterated products.

If you would like to purchase CBD/Hemp Oil for your pet, please understand it requires an examination before purchase.