Vitamin D deficiency is common in pets and people. Unlike people, dogs and cats cannot make Vitamin D from sunlight and require Vitamin D supplementation to stay healthy.

In addition to providing bone health, Vitamin D also acts as a hormone to regulate many functions in your pet’s body. Proper levels of Vitamin D can also reduce the incidence of cancer and other diseases in your pet.

In our practice, we have tested thousands of pets for Vitamin D and have found that over 90% are deficient in Vitamin D. This means that these pets are at a high risk of developing cancer and other inflammatory immune diseases.

As you may know we currently run a special blood profile that allows early detection of cancer in your pet. The profile tests for Vitamin D3, C-Reactive Protein (CRP,) and a Cancer Risk Assessment (CRA.)

We are the only practice in North Texas that currently offers this profile which allows early diagnosis of cancer and other immune and inflammatory diseases.

Based upon our history of running this profile for the last 4 years, over 90% of pets are low in Vitamin D3 (low Vitamin D3 is a leading cause of cancer.) Additionally, over 50% of pets have elevated levels of CRP and CRA, indicating the possibility of undiagnosed cancer or other serious immune disorders.

Vitamin D levels should be checked at least every 6 months. If your pet has not had a recent blood test for Vitamin D please call us at 972-867-8800 to schedule.