While we regularly run titers in place of dog and cat core vaccines, we don’t complete titer testing in place of rabies vaccination.

Why? There are two reasons.

First, rabies titer testing is expensive and one of our goals is to minimize unnecessary costs to our pet parents.

Second, the state of Texas will not accept rabies titer testing in place of rabies vaccination (even though the titers test is valid and shows proof of immunization.)

Therefore, since rabies titer testing is not legally accepted, we don’t routinely run this test. However, if you would like the rabies titer testing done, we certainly can do so.

Regarding rabies vaccinations: New puppies/kittens receive an initial rabies vaccine followed by a booster one year later. After that, rabies vaccinations are done every 3 years for healthy patients. We do have some pet parents who prefer not to immunize against rabies. While we cannot advise you to break the law, we do understand your concern and will certainly honor your wishes. Please be aware there may be legal ramifications of avoiding rabies vaccination.

One final point: all rabies vaccines, even though labeled as a one-year vaccine, are affective for three years; therefore, if you have been doing an annual rabies vaccination, your pet has been over vaccinated and should be switched to a three year protocol.

Please note: our rabies vaccine administered are mercury-free and the safest possible for your pet. If you have any questions about rabies vaccine or rabies titer testing give us a call at 972-867-8800 or shoot us an email at pcahvettech@gmail.com