We are often contacted by pet parents who want to know when a pet should be seen if a new bump is discovered. Typically tumors are not emergencies and can wait until the next day. However, all lumps and bumps should be examined and usually aspirated or removed and biopsied to rule-out cancer. Tumors that cause pain to the pet or open and bleed should prompt a visit to the doctor immediately. Please note that ALL tumors should be checked by your veterinarian. I have recently removed numerous small, seemingly innocuous lesions that appeared to be “no big deal” that were in fact cancerous tumors (mast cell tumors and melanomas.) Fortunately the owners and I were aggressive in diagnosis which proved life-saving! Don’t wait and watch cancer grow (this is something many veterinarians recommend and that’s malpractice-why would you watch cancer spread and kill your pet?!) Removal of small, even aggressive cancers may result in a cure. Many small skin tumors can be removed with light sedation and local anesthesia, removing any fears you may have about anesthesia (although with our holistic anesthesia risks are very minimal, even for very old and sickly pets!) Contact us if you see any new bumps OR if any lumps are growing, bleeding, or changing in color or character, or if they bother your pet (many mast cell cancers, even tiny ones, itch and cause the pet to lick or scratch or bite at the tumor.)