We are often asked whether or not it is a good idea to get pet insurance. Here is the story we like to tell parents about pet insurance:

If your pet was to get diagnosed with cancer and you wanted to do everything you could to treat your pet, it could cost over $15,000 in medical care. If you can easily cover these expenses, then pet insurance would be of no value and is not necessary for your family. If you find this amount would not feasible and might result in you having to decline treatment, then pet insurance is a must.

Even pets without life-threatening problems, like cancer, can benefit from pet insurance. Most of our clients who are insured find that even treatment of less severe problems such as allergies or gastrointestinal issues is easily affordable thanks to pet insurance. Pet insurance helps turn your NO into a YES. Since most plans cover up to 90% of treatment costs, anything that needs to be done for your pet, even advanced testings such as CT scans, becomes very affordable.

Please note that some insurance plans do not cover the holistic and functional medicine we offer at our practice. We have found Nationwide and Pet Plan to work best with our hospital. Please take time to research both companies to decide which is best for your pet