Many of our patients throughout the year come in with itchy skin, irritated eyes, inflamed ears, and other side effects of discomfort.

Especially this time of year, we see an influx of patients suffering from a variety of allergies.

Here at Paws & Claws we know how important it is to complete in-depth diagnostics in order to properly diagnose and identify your pet’s allergens.

1. Blood Profile, Urinalysis, & Fecal Analysis: help rule out any other underlining causes for your pet’s discomfort such as low levels of vitamin d, thyroid disease, or adrenal disease.

2. Cytology, Culture, Skin Scraping, Skin Biopsy: these give us an in-depth look into what is happening under your pet’s skin or inside their ears.

3. Once all other underlining causes for discomfort are ruled out, it is best to complete a Food Hypersensitivity & Environment Allergens blood profile. Because many pets have food sensitivities, and because many pet parents ask about what is the “best” diet to feed, we recommend running a Food Hypersensitivity Profile on all of our patients. An environmental allergen profile is useful for owners considering SLIT (oral drops which are given to directly combat your pet’s allergens.)

Food Hypersensitivity & Environment Allergens Blood Profile

Our allergy profile is serum-based and tests for 91 different allergens, the most comprehensive test offered today in veterinary medicine.

There is a 7-10 business day turn around for results, which is also the fastest in our field.

Our allergy profile is the most effective allergy test ever. Since our test measures the allergen-specific IgE, patients do NOT need to be taken off current allergy medications prior to testing – since research has shown that at normal therapeutic doses they do not affect IgE levels. By partnering a very sensitive assay with the industry’s most comprehensive treatment protocol, our allergy profile has achieved the highest improvement rates possible (up to 90%).

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