Many of our pet parents are interested in using CBD/Hemp Oil for their pets. CBD/Hemp Oil has become the latest “in” supplement for people to give their dogs and cats. Is this just a fad, or could CBD/Hemp Oil really help your pet?

The answer is… It Depends. High quality CBD/Hemp Oil can be beneficial for pets with a variety of ailments. However, studies have shown that most of the CBD/Hemp Oil on the market should not be used on pets (or people) for one of the following three reasons: They contain large amounts of THC (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana; ­) they contain toxins; or they contain insufficient amounts of CBD to be beneficial.

How do you know if the product you are using is safe and effective for your pet? The only way to know is by purchasing the product from a reliable source which test the CBD/Hemp Oil for toxins, THC, and levels of CBD. High quality CBD/Hemp Oil is not cheap, but this does not mean that simply because a product is expensive it is good. Without manufacturer certification there is no way of knowing this product is safe for your pet. Because most of these CBD/Hemp Oil products on the market are either unsafe or ineffective, we discourage owners from purchasing it on the internet or in a pet store. We have done the research and have selected a high-quality product that has been tested by the manufacturer for safety and effectiveness.

As an example, here is a graph contrasting our CBD/Hemp Oil to those typically found on the market.

We prescribe CBD/Hemp Oil for many pet problems but especially pets with cancer, seizures, aging changes (CBD/Hemp Oil is one of our favorite supplements for middle age and older pets,) immune disease, pain, and any chronic disease condition.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions about using CBD/Hemp Oil for your pet.